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Carney's Pets

Cool reserved and just a little quirky...

These pets are quite cool, mostly reserved, and a little quirky. Carney usually hangs out with rock stars in art studio, but he desires to share a few friends that just keep popping up in his mind. Here you'll meet them and have a chance to see their wildly imaginative habitats.

  • Gerry the Giraffe is always ready for a chat or jam session.

  • A collection that is a study of fun habitats.

  • Gerry'll introduce you to future friends. 

  • The Team.

    The Artiste - Patrick Carney

    The Artiste - Patrick Carney

    Patrick Carney, the Artiste, is an indomitable spirit who has shared his creative talent with the world in ways that are sometimes beyond measure. Patrick attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and has always had a love of helping educate and mentor others. Throughout his life he has taught art to inner city children, underpriviliged high schools as a representative of the Arts Council, and volunteered as a art teacher in the state prison system, believing it was his obligation to give back and "Pass On" his given talents. As part of this giving back 10% of all initial sales will go to his charity of choice, the We Are One Foundation.


    Starting in 1964 in NY's West Village, Mr. Carney dedicated his time to drawing and painting the world of Rock n' Roll Music, it's passion and creativity caught in real time forever. But a little known item is that Patrick started by drawing farm animals as a child and has always had a passion for drawing animals. He has decided to share this passion in this NFT collection, keeping the animal central to an ever-changing habitat. 


    Mr Carney's Acrylics and Pen & Inks are purchased by collectors all over the world, his paintings are displayed in the personal collections of such luminaries as Dick Clark, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, Bruce Springsteen, JD Souther, Tom Russell, Judy Collins, Al Kooper, Pete Seeger, Sharon Lechter, Frank Shankwitz, and Kevin Harrington. Now you can own a piece of unique work.


    To learn more check out the April 2022 Cover Story on Mr. Carney in the San Diego Toubadour Magazine. https://sandiegotroubadour.com/20099-2/

    The Support - Warrior VR - Andre Carter

    Andre Carter, Warrior VR, is the visionary of what he knows will become a place to onboard artists and authors to the burgeoning world of NFTs and the metaverse. He had one of the largest Virtual Reality Arcades in San Diego County. Unprepared for a global pandemic he has moved to focusing fully on the digital realm with plans to create a metaverse for artists and authors to collaborate and mentor each other. In addition to that metaverse he will build a metaverse for gaming and one for education. -

    Andre is an Army veteran and has developed and maintained numerous websites most notably he served as the webmaster for Gospel Synergy Magazine for 10 years, making it the first fully digital Gospel Publication. He's assisted in graphic design and program layout. Beyond that he has worked as a speaking coach and trainer. Like Patrick he has a love for education and to that end published 2 Amazon best sellers, the Pyramid of Learning by Delina Robair, and The Miracle Reader by Craig Collins. 


    Others on the team include

    Adviser - Josua Earp

    Metaverse Developer - Lubu, Monarch Reality

    Marketing - Jenya Carter and Carl West


    This project is the first of hopefully many collaborations supporting those interested in joining the digital world. 


    The Artiste chose We Are One Foundation as the charity for this NFT Collection. 10% of total initial NFT sales will go to the We Are One Foundation. Please visit their site and see all of the amazing work they are doing!


    All NFT Holders

    Whitelist Privilages for the following 3 items

       Auction of Original Pieces for this collection with a personal message or musing from the Artiste, Patrick Carney

       All future Warrior VR NFT collaborations

       Warrior VR Artist Metaverse Land Sale

    10% of NFTs Sold

      5 Random NFT Holders will recieve a print of their NFT with a NFC chip to provide the NFT data

    20% of NFTs Sold

      50 NFT Holders will recieve a 2nd NFT

    50% of NFTs Sold

      10 Random NFT Holders will recieve $500

    75% of NFTs Sold Random

     10 Random NFT Holders will recieve a gold Molecular Bliss Ring

      10 Random NFT Holders will recieve land in the coming metaverse with a house near the epicenter of the land

    100% of NFTs Sold

       Special Custom Artwork for the 2 lucky NFT holders

    The future may hold even more....

    **Note** Utility based on a minimum NFT Floor Price of $20USD in Ethereum. Massive downward fluctuation of Ethereum could require a change in the items or number of items to be given at each threshold.

    Pat Carney and WarrorVR presents...